Welcome to the World Conference on Physics Education

We are looking forward to seeing physics educators, teachers, researchers, and policy makers from around the world at this very first World Conference on Physics Education to be held in Istanbul in July 2012. The conference was initiated by Groupe International de Recherche sur l'Enseignement de la Physique (GIREP) and theInternational Commission on Physics Education (ICPE) – Commission 14 of the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). It is being sponsored byGIREPICPE and the Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning (MPTL) group and endorsed by American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), Latin American Physics Education Network (LAPEN) and the Asian Physics Education Network (AsPEN).

The vision for 2012 World Conference on Physics Education is to follow a global participative process before, during and after the conference. The Conference will be structured to help foster collaborations on physics education research and development which can transcend national boundaries. The goal will be reached through working sessions which will develop actions plans that strengthen the teaching and learning of physics at all levels and in many countries.

The 2012 World Conference on Physics Education will be a concrete step forward in global cooperation. Envisaged as a series of conferences with a four year periodicity, it would be a working conference with follow-up actions that presumably would carry over to the following conference.

Conference Theme
The Role of Context, Culture, and Representations in Physics Teaching and Learning


Visa Information
In order to be able to obtain a Turkish visa (if required) you should contact the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Turkey.
The visa procedure depends on the nationality of the applicant.
The procedure for different countries is outlined on the following web site for each country:

Keynote Speakers
Edward F. (Joe) Redish, University of Maryland, US
Robert F. Tinker, The Concord Consortium, Inc. US
Jon Ogborn, University of London, UK
Pornrat Wattanakasiwich, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Ed van den Berg, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

IUPAP travel awards

IUPAP granted a total of 6000 Euros for participants from developing countries to aid travel expenses. A maximum of 350 Euros will be available for a single participant depending on the availability of the IUPAP grant and the quality of the contribution (proposal abstract) the participant makes to the conference. Therefore, the travel grants will be competitive and the IUPAP travel awards committee will decide the awardees. Approved travel reimbursements will be paid in cash during the conference and not before in any circumstances. If an awardee does not attend the conference then the first person in the waiting list will receive the travel award. Applications will start after the announcement of the accepted proposal abstracts.

Developing Countries are determined according to World Bank's most recent list of 'low income' and 'lower middle income' countries. Participants coming from these countries are eligible for the IUPAP travel awards. In order to reach the list of eligible countries please click here.

ICPE Medal goes to Prof. Redish

Professor Edward F. (Joe) Redish has been selected to receive the International Commission of Physics Education (ICPE) Medal for 2012.

This medal is awarded by the International Commission of Physics Education (IUPAP Commission C-14) "…to recognize outstanding contributions to physics teaching of a kind that transcends national boundaries. The ICPE medal recipient should have fulfilled two criteria: the contributions to physics education should have extended over a considerable number of years; and the contributions should be international in their scope and influence."

Redish will receive the medal at the World Conference on Physics Education, Istanbul, July 2012.