Abstract Submission

‘Several colleagues preparing special contributions involving more participants asked for a little more time to submit proposals. We have decided to set the final deadline for submissions to Tuesday MARCH 20, 2012. Meanwhile the reviews of the proposals will start and feedback will be given in next weeks.’

Before submitting your proposal please be sure that you have read the following pages:

Presentation Types
Presentation Topics
Review Criteria

It is advised that all abstracts be written carefully according to the REVIEW CRITERIA and as briefly as possible (but not less than 300 words).
An abstract can contain a maximum of 1000 words (mainly for symposium proposals). However, it is thought that for most abstracts less than 500 words would be sufficient and appropriate. Please avoid any redundancies and long sentences. Readability is very important. Unnecessarily long abstracts will effect reviewer decisions negatively.

Limits on the number of Presentations
There is a limit on the number of times one person can appear as first author at the conference.
A conference participant may only be one time in each of the following:
1. First author of an oral paper presentation.
2. First author of a poster paper presentation.
3. Presenter in only one symposium.
4. Presenter in only one workshop.
Altogether one participant can appear on the proramme at most 5 times.
All first authors and presenters must register and be ready during presentations